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In Hawaii, home security is all-important. You need to know that what you value most - your family & your home - are safe and secure. Homes without alarm systems are three times more likely to be broken into than those with one. But you need more than just a quality security system. You need a solid company behind you, too.

How APN Protects Hawaii Families Like Yours Better

  • APN has an Average Response Time of 11.38 seconds, easily one of the best in the industry. You get help fast - when time is critical!
  • We stock all our equipment. If you need something replaced, usually it's done within 24 hours. You don't wait for it to come from the Mainland. Your security is too important.
  • When you call for help you talk to an APN person in Hawaii, not someone on the Mainland or elsewhere. Trouble with equipment? We can often walk you through it over the phone. No charge. You are our priority.

Now, what about the alarm and security systems we offer? How do they measure up?

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